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This guide covers everything you need to know to get started in the profitable Information Marketplace. 


  • How to ride the information escalator to TOP floor profits.
  • A single sheet of paper could earn you an easy $2,000.00 a month .
  • Source of FREE, ready-to-use information to create a HOTSHEET. 
  • How to make your HOTSHEET a digital cash cow .
  • The 9 biggest marketsin your area and how to reach them.
  • How to sustain your efforts instead of quitting
  • 8 web sites that are thriving selling HOTSHEETS.
  • Sample of a one page weekly HOTSHEET used as a Newsletter.
  • The magic of finding a hot NICHE, like the lottery.
  • 147 ideas   you can use today to get started. 
  • How ONE day projects can make you $2500.00 in less than 30 days
  • A company that has been selling HOTSHEETS for over 25 years, and you've probably seen them too. 
  • BONUS: How to raise money to start a business. 

This guide is your answer to learning and profiting from the amazing HOTSHEET. .

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